Issue 2, 2017

Title Page

Nataliia Leshchii.

Challenges of Improving Special Education in Ukraine


Yuliia Medvid.

Improving the Process of Training Reserve Officers in Ukraine as a Pedagogical Issue


Tetiana Sovik.

Technological Skills as a Component of Music and Aesthetic Competence of Future Primary School Teachers


Mariia Chepil.

Child as the Subject of Education in Sofia Rusova’s Pedagogical Legacy


Serhii Cherniak.

Domestic and Foreign Concepts of Personal Education: Theoretical Review


Nataliia Ababilova.

Future Translators’ Training for Professional Career in the Multicultural Society


Oresta Karpenko.

Organizational and Pedagogical Principles of Child Care in Halychyna (1900-1939)


Olha Khoma.

Development of Primary School Students’ Lexical Competence at Ukrainian Language Lessons


Tamila Kolomoiets.

Socialization Model of Preschoolers with Special Needs in the System of Special Education


Iryna Kucherenko.

Studying Ukrainian in Terms of Student-Centered Teaching Technologies


Olena Karpova.

The Use of Web-Case in Teaching English to Students Majoring in Economics


Valentyna Todorova.

Peculiarities of Objective Evaluation of Choreographic Preparedness at Different Stages of Long-Term Athletic Performance (Through the Example of Aerobic Gymnastics)


Artur Inshakov.

Theoretical Bases of Patriotic Education of Preschool Children in Psychological and Pedagogical Literature


Svitlana Hryshchenko. Specifics of Future Teachers’ Work on Re-educating Difficult Pupils of Secondary Schools 74-78
Kateryna Nekit. Modern Challenges of Reforming Legal Education in Ukraine 79-83
Simin Sattarpour.  The Impact of Proficiency Level on Receptive and Productive Vocabulary of Efl Learners 84-94
Serhii Pryima,
Andrii Orlov,
Olena Anishenko,
Katerina Kuchyna.
Educational Needs of Zaporizhzhia Region Residents: State and Potential for The Learning Region Development 95-111
Olena Korzh Bloom’s Taxonomy and its Role in Academic Writing and Reading Skills Training at English Classes 111-116
Svitlana Pampura. The Case Study Method as a Means of Increasing Motivation of Students Majoring in Psychology for Learning English 116-120
Svitlana Romaniuk,
Natalia Bogdanets-Biloskalenko.
Innovative Approaches to Teaching Ukrainian to Children in English Speaking Environment 121-126

Antonina Chychuk, Tetiana Kuchai.

Study of future teachers’ environmental training in great britain and ukraine


Tetiana Koknova.

Implementation of play-based learning activity as a tool to develop students’ professional communicative competence within university course “English for Specific Purposes”






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