Structure of the article:


  1. Code UDC in the upper left corner of the first page.
  2. The next line (right corner) is the right information in the language in which the article was written (Ukrainian, Russian, English) – name, surname of the author (authors), information about the author/authors (degree, academic rank, position, the address and the title of the organization in which the author works).
  3. The next line is the title of the article (UPPER CASE) in bold type, aligned with the center. The title should be short (no more than 10 words) and display the content of the article. Avoid of abbreviations.
  4. The next line is an annotation in the language of the article (without the word «Abstract», the paragraph indent, aligned with the width of the text, italics). Amount 200-300 words. The abstract shall meet the sequential logic of description of the results and state the main objectives of the study; and summarize the most important results. The abstract shall have the following structural parts: актуальність проблеми, мета, методи та результати дослідження in Ukrainian; relevance of the issue, aim, methods and results of the research, in English
  5. The next line is the key words (amount 5-10 key words) (the phrase “Keywords” in bold, the paragraph indent, aligned with the width of the text, italics).
  6. Through the line – the main text of the article.

The article must contain the following elements: Introduction and the current state of the research problem (to which area of science (production) include studies referred to in Article; justification of the relevance of the problem to be solved by the author); Aim and tasks; Research methods; Research results; Discussions; Conclusion; References.

  1. Citation and the text-to-text links in the text should be submitted according to the ARA style, for example (Ivanov, 2018); if the source page is indicated, it is given through a colon, for example (Ivanov, 2018: 120).
  2. Tables, diagrams, drawings should be copyright, not copied from other editions (Use black and white charts, diagrams and photos (you can add "hatch" and "patterns")). Placed without a paragraph in the center of the page directly after the reference to them in the text of the article. The word “Table” and its number are written, aligned to the right, and the line below is aligned with the center – the name of the table in italics. Other illustrations, also numbered, are signed down from the center aligned.
  3. After the main text of the article, References is given. References are accordance with the ARA standard (some references must be from Scopus, Web of Science).    
  4. In the text of the article the following signs are used: the quotes – (“”), the apostrophe – (’), through the space of the dash (–), the hyphen (-). The colon (:) is put in a space.
  5. After presentation of the material of the article, information is provided in Ukrainian/Russian (other from the language of the text of the article). The following information must be about the authors (name and surname of the author (authors), degree, academic rank, position, the address and title of the organization in which the author works), the title is capital letters, an author's resume with 200-300 words and 5-10 keywords. The summary should be accompanied by the text and contain the following information: relevance of the issue, aim, methods and results of the research.
  6. The end of the page indicates the date it is sent to the editorial office. 



Technical requirements for the manuscript of the article:


The manuscript should be presented in the format * .doc or * .rtf (MSWord): the font – Times New Roman, the keg – 14, the distance between the lines – 1,5 intervals of the computer standard. Fields: upper and lower – 2 cm, right – 1.5 cm, left – 3 cm. Paragraph – 1.25 cm.







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