Issue 12, 2016

Title Page

Liudmyla Lozynska,
Olha Tsikhotska.

The Role of Interactive Learning Technologies in the Process of Teaching Foreign Languages at Higher Medical Educational Institutions


Olha Ocheretna.

Characteristics of the Level of Acmeological Culture Maturity in Future Telecommunication Specialists in the Course of Training


Ihor Cherkun.

Pedagogical Conditions of Future Reserve Officers-Psychologists’ Special Military Competence Formation During Military Training


Nadiia Grytsyk.

Content and Language Integrated Learning: Approach to Teaching English for Specific Purposes


Nataliia Vasylyshyna.

Review of Communicative Learning Approaches to Teaching English for Tourism


Yaroslav Haleta.

Issues of Training Mathematics Teachers Presented in Psychopedagogical Research Works


Alina Hadomska.

Formation and Enrichment of Foreign Students’ Vocabulary by Means of Creolised Advertising Texts: Types of Exercises


Tetiana Pylaieva,
Viktoriia Yatsenko.

Phenomenon of Open University in the Modern World


Liudmila Redkina,
Oleksandra Gerkerova.

Development of Students’ Readiness for Working in the Polycultural Society


Tamara Pushkariova.

Factors of Educational Process Innovative Projecting in Terms of Education Reforming


Anastasiia Tkachenko.

Artistic Image as a Key Concept in Aesthetic Education


Tetiana Svekla.

The Level of Mastering Communication Strategy when Working with Modern Advertising and PR-Texts


Аnna Dobrovolska.

Independent Work as a Means of Forming Future Doctors and Pharmacists’ IT Competence


Huang Jingsheng.

Experimental Model of Future Fine Art Teachers’ Aesthetic Worldview Formation


Vadym Pienov.

Experience of Valeological Education in Communities’ Activities in Southern Ukraine (Late 19th-Early 20th Century)


Marianna Horvat,
Mariia Kuzma-Kachur.

The Role of Environmental Studies in Moral Education of Junior School Students


Tetiana Derkach.

Electronic Resources in Teaching Basic Chemical Disciplines at Universities


Tetiana Kartel

Acmeological Approach to Futures Engineers' Training in the Process of Learning English for Specific Purposes in Modern Educational Institutions 


Anna Baliuk

Algorithm of  Professional Socialisation of  Master-Degree Students Majoring in Social Studies and Humanities


Shahin Samadpour Shahrak,
Parviz Karimi Sani, Roghayeh Khamizadeh.

Investigating the Impact of Painting on the Level of Pre-School Children’s Creativity.


S. Zahra Shahnemati,
Zohreh Saadatmand,
Narges Keshtiaray.

Phenomenology of Teachers’ Experience in Teaching Art to Primary School Students. 127

Leila Khazaei,
Parvin Ahmadi,
Sedigheh Momeni far,
Farideh Rahmani,
Hamed Bakhshi,
Ayub Ali fat,
Javad Gholipour,
Reza Hosseinpour.

Challenges and Disadvantages of Multigrade Teaching: Qualitative Research. 135

Nassim Shamoradi Varnamkhasti,
Maryam Baratali.

 Relationship Between Senior High School Teachers’ Media and Information Literacy, Emotional Intelligence and Teaching Quality. 142

Shahnaz Shooshtarizede,
Ali Reza Yousefi,
Narges Keshtiaray.

Medical Professionalism: Teaching and Learning. 149





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