Nataliia Vasylyshyna. Review of Communicative Learning Approaches to Teaching English for Tourism.

(2016) Science and education, 12, 28-36. Odessa.

Nataliia Vasylyshyna,
PhD (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences), associate professor,
Educational Scientific Institute of International Relations,
National Aviation University,
4, Vidradnyi Avenue, building 7, Kyiv, Ukraine



The paper presents review of the issue of forming foreign language communicative competence in tourism area; particular attention is paid to finding the most effective methods of solving this issue. The use of natural approach, experiential interactive learning along with constructivist blended learning approach to teaching English for tourism has been considered. The results of the study prove that experiential interactive learning and constructivist blended learning approach enhance the effectiveness of forming foreign language communicative competence in tourism area.


foreign language communicative competence, methods, approaches, tourism area, learning skills, experiential interactive learning, constructivist blended learning approach.




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