Issue 3, 2020

Title Page



Yuliia Asieieva.

Role of Influence of The Internet on The Suicidal Behavior of Adolescents


Nataliia Vasylieva.

Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Logoneurosis in Preschool Children During Functional Stress


Antonina Minenok,
Tetiana Kiiko,
Ihor Donets.

Prevention Overweight of Population Under Quarantine Restrictions During a Pandemic


Olena Miroshnychenko,
Alexandra Gutculyak.

Role of Character Accentuation in The Adaptation of Personality To Extreme Conditions of Life


Svetlana Prokofieva-Akopova.

Pregnancy as a Factor of Emotional Instability of Women


Oleksandr Plyska,
Larisa Kharchenko,
Mykhailo Hrusha,
Irina Kondratok,
Igor Shkrobanets.

Contrast Sensitivity as a Method of Early Detection of Refractive Disorders of Schoolchildren of Various Ages



Olha Sytnyk,
Olha Yezhova,
Oksana Melekhovets.

Physical Therapy of Middle-Aged People With Type 2 Diabetes


Evgen Mikhalyuk,
Vitaliy Syvolap,
Maryna Potapenko,
Nikolay Bessarabov,
Sergey Polskoy.

Features of Electrocardiographic Indicators and Data of Heart Rate Variability in Young Footballers


Tetiana Dehtiarenko,
Nadiia Orlyk,
Oksana Kostiuk. 
Psychophysiology of Individual Differences. Historical Concepts 64-73 
 Yuliia Hopkalo. Group Work Activities With Traumatized People Who Were Affected By Military Actions 73-78 
 Zlata Rzhevska-Shtefan. Academic Motivation of First Year Pedagogical University Students  79-84
 Fred Voskoboynikov. An Introduction To The Theory of Activity (To the memory of my dear friend Gregory Bedny)  84-91


Gennady Narskin,
Mikhail Kobrinsky,
Alexey Narskin

Functional Training in The Aspect of Sports Training


Iryna Humeniuk.

Polycode Text as a Means of Implementation of The Text-Centric Teaching Technology


Olha Mekhed,
Svitlana Ryabchenko.

Main Aspects of Social and Pedagogical Activity of The Teachers of Biology and Health Basics


Rostyslav Radzievskyi,
Valerii Plisko,
Valentyn Bondarenko.

Professional Training of Security Guards on The Basis of System Modular Project of Object Protection


 Ivan Samokish,
Anatolii Bosenko,
Mariia Topchii. 
Comprehensive Monitoring of The Functional Capabilities of Students of Higher Education Institutions  117-125
 Sergey Sevdalev,
Marina Kozhedub.
Modeling of The Competitive Activities of Highly Qualified Female Athletes Specializing in The Modern Pentathlon  125-131
 Rodion Yahotin,
Tetiana Dehtiarenko,
Svitlana Khalaidzhi. 
Peculiarities of The Training Process of Boxing Students Taking Into Account Their Psychomotor State 131-138 
 Valeriia Ovcharova. Factors of Effective Implementation of Social Work Within Youth Engagement in Volunteering at The Community Level  138-149
Valentyna Todorova,
Valentina Sosina,
Valentyna Vartovnyk,
Natalia Pugach. 
Features of The Individual Style of Coach and Teacher Work of The Choreographic Team  149-155
Raisa Martynova. Modeling The Links of Organizational and Content Blocks of The Process of Teaching The Educational Disciplines  155-163



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