Journal №6 2015

Титульна сторінка журналу


Maryna Baditsa

Training Future Preschool Teachers for Professional and Creative Activity by Means of Productive Technique

Natalia Benkovska

Experimental Verification of Effectiveness of Implementing Pedagogical Conditions for Future Banking Specialists’ Professional Qualities Formation

Svіtlana Bodnar

Teaching Oral English Economic Discourse to Future Managers

Zoriana Vysochan

Communicative Competence Formation as Characteristic of Future Legal Experts’ Professional Culture

Maryna Hrudok-Kostiushko

Interactive Teaching as Means of Forming Foreign Students’ Motivation to Holding Dialog Discourse

Tatiana Yeremenko, Viktoriia Ursul

Speech Means of Implementing Interactive Strategy of English Educational and Scientific Lecture Discourse

Larysa Kazantseva

Implementation of Culturological Approach When Teaching Ukrainian Language to Preschoolers in Multicultural Environment

Tetiana Koicheva

Diagnostics of Organizational Culture of University Teachers

Tetiana Korol

Competence in Reading Specialist Financial Literature in English as Testing Subject

Alla Lynenko, Serhii Smirnov

Motivating Future Navigators’ Self-Development in Terms of Their Competitiveness Formation

Li Siyung

State of Self-Organization Maturity of 5-7th Graders in Piano Teaching Process

Iryna Malashevska

Essence, Content and Structure of Musicality of Preschoolers and Junior Pupils

Antonina Minenok

Substantiation of Content-Related and Procedural Component of Model of Future Primary School Teachers’ Professional Self-Development

Inna Mirkovich

Elements of Integrated Process of Teaching English Dialogical Speech to Junior Pupils on Basis of Authentic Fairy Tales Dramatization

Anna Moseichuk

Modern Technologies of Forming Research Competences of Future Medical Assistants in Process of Their Training

Natalia Mushynska

Pedagogical Means of Professional Self-Development of Future Specialist in Economic Sphere

Natalia Nahorna

Interactive Technologies as Method of Future Psychologist’s Pedagogical Competence Formation

Andrii Osiptsov

Phenomenology of Human Values of Personality in Modern Science

Nataliia Oskina

Topicality of Integrated Approach to Intensive Foreign Language Teaching

Svitlana Pevna

Student as Subject of Education: Essence and Peculiarities

Hanna Poliakova

Contextual Approach to Foreign Languages Teaching as Factor of Future Lawyers’ Competitive Ability Formation

Olena Sotska, Hanna Shelmenko

Moral and Ethical Education of Preschool Children in Course of Getting Acquainted with Nature

Hanna Titova

Preparing Future Physical Education Teachers for Sport Leadership Skills Formation in Theory and Practice

Inessa Fomina

Innovative Methods of Activating Training Activity in Higher Education

Mykola Tsarenko, Inna Nikulina

Application of Multimedia in Forming Methodical Competence of Future Physics Teachers

Natalia Сhernenko

Category of Risk in Management Activities

Maryna Shepel

Self-Realization of Future Teachers-Philologists as Adaptation to Professional Activity

Viktoriia Yahodnikova

Criteria and Indices of Innovative Orientation Maturity of Educational Process at General School

Olena Kovtun

Communicative Approach to Development of Future Preschool Teachers’ Speech Expressive-ness





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