Issue 3, 2017

Title Page

Anatolii Furman. 

Consciousness as Framework Condition of Psychological Cognition and Professional Methodologization


Tamara Pushkariova. 

Psycho-Pedagogical Aspect of Instructional Design 


Tetiana Dziuba.

 Impact of Intensive Daily Stress on Teacher’s Occupational Health 


Hanna Sokolova.

  Psychological Characteristics of Defensiveness of Parents Raising Children with Down’s Syndrome 


Maryna Mischenko,
Nataliia Shelenkova.

 Future Psychologists’ Burnout Syndrome: Results of an ipirical Study 


Nataliia Sieromakha. 

 Studying the Features of Mentally Retarded Adolescents’ Nonverbal Behaviour


Vadym Zavatskyi,
Anatoliy Tkach.

 Socio-Psychological Principles of Supporting Personality’s Subjective Well-Being in Contiporary Society


Anastasiia Mukhina.

 Awareness of Physiological Differentiation and Functional Peculiarities of Men and Women in Mentally Retarded Adolescent Girls


Ali Özcan,
Ceyhun Ersan,
Tuncay Oral.

  Emotion Regulation in Preschool Period: Academic Researches in Turkey 45-50

Natalia Volodarska,
Oksana Chornopyska.  

Changing Life Perspectives and Strategies of Ato Participants’ Families in Crisis Situations 51-57
Diana Piontkovska.  Features of Students’ National Identity Development  58-62 

Mariana Dikal,
Oksana Cherniukh,
Tetiana Bilous,
Nina Voitkevych.

 Peculiarities of Formation and Signs of Emotional Burnout Syndrome in Medical University Teachers  63-68
Maryna Puliaievska.   The Role of Context And Intent in the Formation of Perceptual Content and Behaviour 68-72 
Zoriana Kovalchuk.

Psychological Analysis of Intrapersonal Conflict in Secondary School Students

Oleksandr Sannikov.

Conceptual Bases of Researching the Issue of Making Decisions by a Personality

Anna Shydelko.

Emotional Stability of an Individual: Research Into the Topic

Olena Proskurniak

Diagnostic Methodology of Communicative Activity Development Levels in Adolescents With Mental Retardation.







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