Nataliia Chernenko. Formation of The Functional Component of Executives’ Readiness For Risk Management.

(2018) Science and education, 2, 65-69. Odessa.


Nataliia Chernenko,
Doctor of Pedagogy, associate professor, acting professor of the
Department of Educational Institutions Management and Civil Service,
South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky,
26, Staroportofrankivska Str., Odessa, Ukraine



The article clarifies the concept of "flexibility / rigidity of skills", discloses the indicators of executives' functional readiness for risk management and diagnostic techniques, presents the results of evaluating the executives' functional readiness for risk management. The functional component is characterized by a combination of practical skills and knowledge of risk management acquired in the process of learning and fulfilling certain responsibilities with experience (both obtained from teachers, masters, managers, employees and personal) and is determined by the following indicators: the ability to apply methods for identifying risks and classifying identified risks in an educational institution; the ability to carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis of risks; the ability to identify the most critical risks; the ability to plan a response to risks; the ability to monitor risk assessments and determine proposals and recommendations by the monitoring results. The "flexibility of skills" is substantiated as the ability to perform certain risk management procedures properly, carry out analytical and synthetic actions, using tools in accordance with situations of uncertainty, summarizing and developing proposals and recommendations. The results of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the evaluation of the performed tasks demonstrate low index of the formation of the investigated skills, which convincingly confirms the need to increase attention on their further formation.


 flexibility of skills, functional readiness, executive, risk, risk management.




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