Mazyar O. V. The Depth-Psychological Peculiarities of Pickup Artists’ Perception of the Opposite Sex Persons.

(2016) Science and education, 5, 212-217. Odessa.

Oleg Maziar,
PhD (Сandidate of Psychological Sciences),
senior lecturer, Department of Social and Applied Psychology,
Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko,
40, Velyka Berdychivska Str., Zhytomyr, Ukraine



Due to the contradictory changes of the modern society, the studying of the phenomena which help an individual not only withstand the crisis events, but also become a successful psychologically healthy person able to assert his/her interests, goals, and achieve them, becomes especially relevant. It is assertiveness which contains the mentioned competencies, so it is very important to study not only this phenomenon itself, but also factors of its development, in particular its empathy determination. Empathy helps to penetrate into the inner world of another person, to understand him/her and to find optimal ways of interaction. In this regard, the article examines the characteristics of the age dynamics of integrated empathy and its forms as determinants of gender differences in the development and manifestation of assertiveness in adolescence. The following research methods were used: cross-sectional method, empirical (testing), qualitativ is being specially trained and consciously aimed at seduction of another person with the purpose of sexual gratification. The study is aimed at searching for depth psychological factors of pickup artist’ perception of the opposite sex. The specificity of pickup artists’ sexual behaviour is caused by the fact that they are unable to combine erotic (sensual, biological, physical) and tender (emotional, platonic) attraction to persons of the opposite sex. However, the author substantiates that the sexual behaviour of pickup artists is rarely preconditioned by psychological problems. A typical pickup artist is the “subject” of such a sexual relationship which does not have a destructive internal conflict, although he is not able to establish long-term relationship with the opposite sex due to the lack of tender attachment to the “object”. According to the results of the associative experiment it has been found that most of the pickup artists combine incestuous persons (mother, sister, grandmother) and those who replace them later (the girl he managed to seduce; the first intimate partner) into one factor, but they are at the opposite poles. The peculiarities of pickup artists’ perception of the opposite sex lies in the fact that they generally have serious difficulties in the confusion of tender feelings and erotic attraction. Only in some cases, the pickup activity is associated with an attempt to compensate the inadequately experienced Oedipus conflict. Personality problem of pickup artists in such cases is a failed attempt to compensate the psychological impotence with obsessive sexual activity.e and quantitative analysis. The study had three stages. At the first one, the peculiarities of the ontogenetic dynamics of the integral empathy and its forms were examined. The second one involved studying the features of the ontogenetic dynamics of assertiveness and assertive behaviour. The third step was aimed at finding and analysing the relations between the components of the integrated empathy, its forms and assertiveness of male and female respondents. The experiment involved 360 boys and girls aged from 17 to 22 years. It has been proved that the gender differences in the ontogenetic dynamics of empathy are manifested in its polar forms (aggression – altruism, indifference – real assistance not against oneself) and in the period of adolescence in both sexes the frequency of manifestations of empathy, sympathy does not significantly change. In general, the girls’ positive dynamics of empathy is more intense compared to the male respondents. The positive dynamics of assertive behaviour strategies is also observed in them. Male respondents have the negative tendencies in the age dynamics of assertiveness. Indifference and empathy are considered as factors of aggressive assertiveness in girls, and compassion – in male surveyed. Antiempathy, compassion, modelling of facilitating behaviour (girls); sympathy (boys), which determine the assertive compromise strategies of behaviour, cause only partial consideration of other people’s interests and the satisfaction of their own ones. The developed ability to empathise (girls) and the lack of propensity for empathy (girls and boys) contribute to the assertive behaviour (cooperation).


personal problem, the Oedipus complex, substitution, psychological impotence, sexual behaviour, pickup artist.



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