Journal №5 2015


Бобро О. В.

Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Teaching Discipline "Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge" in Higher Educational Institutions

Ганчар А. И.

Monitoring of Performance Results of the Strongest Teams of Swimmers at World Aquatics Championships from 1994 to 2013 (2nd Stage)

Гюль Алі

Reformation of Higher Education System in Turkey in the Middle of the Twentieth Century

Дегирменджи Мюджахит

Ways of Reforming Preschool Teacher Training System in Turkey

Дишко О. Л.

Forming Readiness of Bachelors of Tourism for Professional Interaction with Consumers of Tourism Services

Долженков О. О., Постоян Т. Г.

Technology of Cumulative Files in Aspect of Authentic Estimation of Future Specialists’ Professional Training Results

Ивасюк Н. А.

Synthesis of Teaching Aids of Subject-Based and Foreign Language Verbal Activity in Conditions of Integrated Teaching

Кожем’якін О. С.

Optimization of Methodology of Life Safety Competence Formation

Михайловський О. В.

Projects Method as Pedagogical Condition of IT Teachers’ Economic Thinking Development in Postgraduate Education

Москалюк О. В.

Exercises for Teaching English Public Speech to Future Politologists

Осіпцов А. В.

Development and Justification of Educational Environment in Instilling Human Values in Students of Classical Universities

Павлишина Н. Б.

Pedagogical Model of Future Social Workers' Readiness Formation for Work in Institutions of Social Services for Senior Citizens

Петришин О. В.

Forming Psychophysical Competence of Students of Higher Medical Institutions in Professionally-Applied Physical Training by Means of Gaming Techniques

Пєшкова О. В.

Physical Rehabilitation Influence on Cardiovascular and Urogenital System and Physical Performance in Men of First Mature Age With Chronic Prostatitis

Подгорна В. В.

Current Status and Content of Correctional Work with Schoolchildren with Hard Speech Disturbances

Пономарюк Л. П.

Professional Orientation and its Influence on Junior Medical Specialists’ Responsibility Formation During Professional Training

Рубіс К. М.

Place of Wrestling in Physical Education System of Higher Educational Institutions

Самоненко С. Б.

Study of Differentiated Teaching Criteria in School Physical Training

Терзі П. П.

Education of Young Male Football Players’ Physical Qualities at Sports Perfection Stage

Тодоров П. І.

Improvement of Power Qualities of 17-18-Year-Old Wrestlers with Hearing Disorders in Sports Training

Тодорова В. Г.

Сurrent Status and Prospects of Choreography in Precise Kinds of Sports

Упатова І. П.

Future Teachers’ Extracurricular Methodical Activities

Форостян О. І.

Theoretical and Methodical Bases of Adaptive Physical Training of Teenagers with Hearing Disorders

Шаров Р. А., Попроцький І. С.

Educational and Methodological Support for Naval Officers and Merchant Seamen’s Training in Current Educational Environment

Шейко Л. В.

Differentiated Approach as Means of Improving Quality of Swimming Training of Adults Engaged in Therapeutic Swimming

Шемчук В. М., Харченко О. М.

Peculiarities of Professional Naval Officers’ Preparedness for Mission Execution under Extreme Conditions of Military Service

Яблонська Т. М.

Role of Emotional Factor in Future Foreign Languages Teachers’ Professional Training Based on Role Perspective Principle

Якимчук Н. В.

Realization of Game Methods in Process of Teaching Foreign Grammar to Philologists




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