Journal №4 2015


Бачинська Н. В.

History, Characteristics, Problems and Prospects of Sports Acrobatics Development in Dnipropetrovsk Region and Ukraine

Білявський М. С., Петров Є. П., Мунтян І. С.

Formation of Basic Physique During Training at Veterinary Medicine Department at Agricultural Training School

Бобро Е. В.

Assessment of Central Nervous System General Functional State of Third-Year Students of Higher Educational Institutions

Бондаренко В. І.

Monitoring of Future Technology Teachers’ Professional Image Formation

Борщенко В. В., Садовник О. В.

Role of Emotional Self-Regulation in Professional Activity of Future Physical Education Teachers

Браташ С. В.

Biomechanical Analysis of Physical Fitness of Senior School Pupils

Бронікова С. А.

Interactive Method of Teaching Civil Servants

Буховець Б. О.

Interactive Method of Teaching Civil Servants

Ганчар А. И.

Monitoring of Performance Results of the Strongest Teams of Swimmers at World Aquatics Championships from 1994 to 2013 (2nd Stage)

Головченко О. І.

Psychophysical State of Students-Future Pedagogues at Physical Education Lessons

Евтухова Л. А.,Торопин М. А., Дышель Г. А.

Method of Plantography in Assessing Foot Arch State of Pupils under Various Load Modes

Ігнатенко С. О.

Professional Training of Future Teachers

Коваленко Е. В., Иванова З. А.

New Fitness-Programs for Initial and Medium Fitness Levels: T-Tapp System and Zumba

Козерук Ю. В.

Pedagogical Techniques of Developing Students' Motive Skills by Means of Physical Exercises

Козий Т. П., Доляновская Н. П.

Influence of Multidirectional Physical Activity on Middle-Aged Women’s Body Shape

Коломийцева О. Э., Дейнеко А. Х., Миргород Д. А.

Callanetics as a Means of Forming Motivation to Physical Education Lessons of Female Students’ of Law Universities

Колядюк С. І.

Correction of Physical Development and Activity of Children with Hearing Disorders by Means of Physical Education

Кольцова О. С.

Healthy Lifestyle and Sports Promotion by Means of Olympic Education

Латіна Г. О.

Evaluation of Schoolchildren’s Health Improvement System in Terms of Educational and Health Preservation Technology Implementation

Лукаш І. В.

Theoretical Foundations of Future Primary School Teachers’ Motor Skills Formation when Preparing for Physical Culture Teaching at School

Лутовінов Ю. А.

Optimization of Training Process Efficiency in Pre-Season of Annual Macrocycle of Young Weightlifters of Different Weight Categories Groups

Луценко Л. С., Бодренкова І. О.

Formation of Future Lawyers’ Professionally Important Qualities by Means of Physical Training

Мазин В. Н.

Social Functions of Child and Youth Sports

Мандюк А. Б.

Organization of Physical Education Process at Secondary Schools in Rural and Urban Areas (Case Study of Schools in Lviv Region)

Мошенская Т. В., Шепеленко Т. В., Лучко О. Р.

Methods of Integrated Training of Young Athletes Majoring in Sports Aerobics Focusing on Attention Functions Development

Озарук В. В., Презлята Г. В., Курилюк С. І.

Considering Schoolchildren’s Psycho-Physiological Characteristics when Forming Need for Increasing Physical Activity

Осипенко Е. В.

Students’ Physical Health Formation at Secondary and Higher-Level Institutions by Means of Computer Technologies

Осіпцов А. В.

Traditional University Students’ Attitude Towards Human Values Phenomenon

Петухова Т. А.

Life Safety in Educational Space

Терзі П. П.

History of Game-Oriented Sports Development in Ukraine (1920-1930)

Форостян О. І.

Physical Training Theory and Methods of Space Sense of Children With Vision Disorders





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