Journal №3 2015


Асєєва Ю. О.

Professional Genesis of Personal Professional Attitudes

Атаманчук Н. М. 

Art Therapy as Means of Studying and Overcoming Communication Barriers in Communication if Adolescents

Володарська Н. Д.

Supervision Peculiarities for Leading Treatment Groups in Terms of Their Worldview Orientations

Дзюба Т. М.

Demotivators of Work Productivity: Features of Influence on Teachers’ Occupational Health

Іванова О. В.

Development of Life-Purpose Orientations in Adolescence by Means of Fine Arts

Кабешева А. О.

Peculiarities of Emotional and Communicative Sphere of Students with Different Level of Mobile Phone Use

Казанжи М. Й.

Peculiarities of Facilitative Ability Diagnostics

Каргіна Н. В.

Main Approaches to Study of Personality’s Psychological Well-Being: Theoretical Aspect

Косьянова О. Ю.

Special Characteristics of Interviewing in Polygraph-Aided Testing

Мельникова С. В.

Study of Anxiety, Frustration, Aggressiveness and Rigidity Level in “Students-Psychologists” Social Group

Мошковська О. О.

Some Aspects of Psychological Foundations of Female Flirtation

Павлова І. Г.

Development of Emotional Maturity of Students-Future Psychologists

Пивоварчик І. М.

Psychological Correction and Support of Teenagers’ Interpersonal Relationships

Пільгук Т. С.

First-Time Teacher’s Creative Competence as Condition for Effective Career

Подгорна В. В.

Features of Psychomotor Act of Schoolchildren With Severe Speech Disorders

Самара О. Є.

Alcohol and Drugs Use as Response to Stress. Analysis of Students Behaviour Patterns

Сінєльнікова Т. В.

Psychological Peculiarities of Selecting Coping-Strategies in Preadult Age

Ушакова Т. Ю.

Structural Components of Responsibility: Theoretical and Methodological Analysis

Харцій О. М., Перевозна Т.О.

Psychological Methods of Managers Training

Царькова О. В.

Nature and Specificity of Experiencing Guilt by Parents of Children with Disabilities and Functional Disorders

Цуркан Т. Г.

Child-Parents Relationships as a Determining Factor of Influence on Personality Formation

Чебикін О. Я., Кримова Н. О.

Influence of Computer Activity on Person’s Emotional Stability

Шевченко Р. П.

Psychoemotional Sphere Disorders in Military Personnel with Psychosomatic and Neurotic Syndrome

Яланська С. П., Лутфуллін В. С.

Survey of J. Herbart’s Views in The Context of K. D. Ushynsky’s Educational Anthropology





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