Journal №1 2015


Бадюл Л. М., Цибух Л. М.

Creative Exercises as Means Of Students’ Communicative Competence Development

Bronikova S.

Cognitive methods of advancement of public servants’ professional level

Гімаєва Ю. А., Никифорова В. С.

Creativity and Personality Motivation and Their Interconnection as Basis of Graphic Designers and Marketing Specialists’ Creative Activity

Голованова Т. М.

Impact of Virtual Space Use on Personality’s Cognitive Development

Головская И. Г., Далакова А. С.

Procedure of Studying Burnout Syndrome Among Students Acquiring Socionomic and Technical Education

Гончарова Н. О.

Influence of Career Orientations on Formation of Future Teachers’ Professional Motivation in Educational Process

Davidovitch Nitza

Academe and the field: a two-edged sword

Дегтяренко Т. В., Вастьянов Р. С.

I. M. Sechenov’s Contribution to Domestic Psychophysiology and Cognitive Psychology Development

Дегтяренко Т. В., Шевцова Я. В.

Psychomotor State and Cognitive Functions of Children with Different Level of Intellectual Development According to Neuropsychological Examination

Денисенко А. А., Псилица А. В.

Studying Motivation of Getting Married in Senior Adolescents under Conditions of Recreation

Дишель О. В.

Teenage Athletes’ Intellectual Abilities as Success Factor in Striking Martial Arts

Зоріна В. І.

Content and Structure of Ideal Image of Adult as Adolescent’s Personal Development Factor

Казанжи М. Й.

Peculiarities of the Inhibiting Ability Forecasting Based on Measured Psychological Characteristics

Калюжна Ю. І., Яновська Т. А.

Interactive Teaching Methods as Factor of Future Teachers’ Emotional Intelligence Formation

Каменська Н. Л.

Social and "Free" Intelligence as Determinants of Learning Ability

Климович М. В.

Intellectual and Creative Component as an Element of Preparing Pedagogical College Students for Creating Scientific and Methodical Environment at Primary School

Корчевський Д. О.

Essence and Characteristics of Forming Content of Future IT Specialists’ Professional Training

Кравченко Н. М., Мельничук І. В.

Guided Imagery as Intervention Means in Conflicts

Кременчуцька М. К.

Game as Personality’s Creative Activity

Кряж И. В.

Role of Personal Attitude in Worldview Formation

Мишко Н. М.

Features of Motivational Sphere of Future Psychologists Obtaining Second University Degree

Наришкіна О. В., Плохіх В. В.

Influence of Various Background Activity Sounds on Effectiveness of Students’ Short Memory

Опанасюк І. В.

Emotional Orientation as a Component of Senior School Pupils’ Eq

Панченко О. А., Панченко Л. В., Гаража М. В.

Cognitive Processes in Structure of Road Transport Drivers’ Professional Readiness

Панченко О. А., Панченко Л. В., Зайцева Н. А.

Social High-Stress Disorders of Civilian Population During Military Engagement

Потєхіна Ю. С.

Characteristics of Psychological Determinants of Pedagogical Mastery

Січка В. І.

Psychological Peculiarities of Worldview of Adolescents from Two-Parent and Single-Parent Families

Спиридонова Л. К.

Association Experiment as Means to Research One’s Worldview

Ситнік С. В.

Special Aspects of Interpersonal Interaction of Future Psychologists with Different Thinking Styles

У Цзинь

Comparative Analysis of Peculiarities of Experiencing Fear in Adolescents from Two-Parent and Single-Parent Families

Філенко І. О.

Age-Related and Gender Peculiarities of Metacognitive Regulation of Social and Psychological Adaptation

Харченко А. С.

Psychological Analysis of Future Teachers’ Professional Orientation

Яновська С. Г.

Features of Mnemic Component of Entrepreneur’s Individual Experience





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