Journal №8 2014


Artemenko B. A., Hlazyrin I. D.

{Influence of morpho-functional development, neurodynamic and psycho-physiological functions on quality of playing activity of volleyball players of various playing positions} 7-11

Akhmetzianova L. R., Ali E. Yu.

{Adaptation peculiarities of children with disabilities} 11-16

Babenkova Ye. A., Fedorovskaia O. M.

{Adaptation abilities of preschool children} 16-21

Borshchenko V. V.

{Implementation of pedagogical conditions of forming future primary school teachers’ organizational culture} 21-24

Bosenko A. I., Orlyk N. A., Klymenko O. V., Strashko S. V., Dyshel G. A.

{Dynamics of physical performance of female athletes during ovarian menstrual cycle} 24-30

Bukhovets B. O.

{Bobath therapy in correction of phycho-motor development of children with organic lesion of the central nervous system} 30-35

Voskoboinikova G. L.

{Conception of integrated assessment of adaption abilities in forming and strengthening individual human health} 35-39

Holovchenko O. I., Vostotska I. F., Osypova І. L.

{Evaluation of university students’ independence and motivation to exercises} 40-43

Gorovoy V. A.

{Interrelation between the informative and designing component of physical recreation, volume of physical activity and physical fitness of students} 44-48

Dzhurynskyi P. B.

{Formation of primary school pupils’ interest in health-giving physical education} 49-53

Dolynskyi B. T., Pysarenko G. S., Bondar S. V., Slavov D. D.

{Pedagogical bases of preparation of future primary school teachers to valeological education of junior schoolchildren} 54-58

Yevtukhova L. A., Tiutriumovа A. I., Bosenko A. I.

{Estimation of parameters of schoolchildren’s foot arch in the norm and at different load modes} 58-63

Yezhova O. A., Vasylchenko Ya. A.

{Regulatory framework of student self-government in higher education institutions of Ukraine} 64-67

Yeremina I. D.

{The problems of students’ adaptation to new cultural reality in the mirror of sociological methods} 67-72

Zhara H.I., Bilous V.V.

{Designing specific training for providing emergency aid in extreme sports} 72-77

Zaikina A. L., Soina L. М.

{Peculiarities of morphological and functional parameters of training-educational complex pupils aged 8 to 9} 78-83

Zaporozhets O. P.

{Psycho-physiological manifestations of adaptation of primary school age gymnasts’ organism to physical exercise} 83-86

Kalynychenko I. A.

{Physiological and hygienic justification of individual and differentiated approach to physical education of schoolchildren} 87-92

Kolokoltsev M. M.

{Effectiveness of variative component of pupils’ physical education with the inclusion of national sports exercises} 92-97

Koliada N. V.

{Peculiarities of formed psychological health of students during studying at institute of physical culture} 97-101

Korobeinіkov H. V, Rychok T. M.

{Vegetative regulation of heart rate of sportsmen with different level of sensomotor reaction} 102-106

Latina H. O.

{Age dynamics of adaptive and reserve capacities of student’s body in the implementation of health-saving technologies} 106-109

Lyzohub V. S., Pustovalov V. O., Suprunovych V. O., Koval Yu. V.

{Preparedness of 13- and 14-year-old foot-ball players with different individual and typological properties of higher part of the central nervous system} 110-114

Lyzohub V. S., Yukhymenko L. I., Khomenko S. M., Kozhemiako T. V.

{Neurophysiological and vegetative maintenance of auditory information processing of people with different levels of functional mobility of nervous processes} 114-118

Minenok A.A.

{Investigation of topical issues of development of junior schoolchildren’s creative abilities in pedagogical activity of primary school teacher} 119-123

Miroshnichenko Е. А.

{Physhological factors of adaptation of personality to extreme terms of vital functions} 123-128

Mykhaliuk Ye. L., Malakhova S. N.

{Influence of pre-dosed training carried out under the control of pulse monitors on the functional status of students with primary arterial hypertension} 128-133

Moiseyenko Ye. V.

{Peculiarities of human adaptation to Antarctic conditions} 133-137

Osipenko E. V.

{The physical health formation of primary school pupils by means of the innovative technique of complex breathing exercises} 138-143

Osipenko Ye. V., Sevdalev S. V.

{Sports hour in institutions of general secondary education in Gomel region} 143-147

Petrenko Y. A., Menshykh O. E.

{Peculiarities of students’ physical development in learning process} 148-152

Plahtiy P. D.

{Peculiarities of changes in protein metabolism and morphological composition of the blood in the body of laboratory animals under the influence of the drone homogenate and physical training} 153-157

Podrigalo L. V., Rovnaya О. А.

{Investigation of joints motion of boys taekwon-do practitioners with different maturity classes} 157-161

Podrihalo L. V., Pashkevych S. A., Halicheva K. S.

{The determining of the knee joints functional state of the students practicing as soccer players and the identification of risk group with the knee pathological state} 161-166

Pryimakov A. A., Prisyazhnyuk S. I., Omelchuk E. V.

{The dynamics of biological age of the students of spe-cial medical group in the annual cycle of physical education} 166-172

Skyba O. A., Dyachenko J. L.

{Physiological-hygienic estimation of early sport specialization influence on functional status of young athletes’ organism} 172-177

Skidan А. A., Sevdalev S. V., Wrublewski E. P.

{Method of individualized correction of body shape of stu-dents who do shaping} 177-182

Tverdokhlib N. M., Diachenko S. V.

{Adaptation of children in learning activities in modern schools} 182-185

Todorov P. І.

{Dynamics of "explosive" girls force of13-14 years at freestyle wrestling classes} 186-190

Tsyhanivska O. I.

{Self-awareness as a psychological tool of motivation needs in sufficient physical activity in conditions of a higher educational institution} 191-195

Shlyk N. I.

{Heart rate variability for 16-21 years old testees with regard to individual types of vegetative regulation of heart} 196-203

Shmaliei S. V., Shcherbyna T. I., Maliuk N. G.

{The development of valeolody competence of schoolchildren in the conditions of gymnasium recreation space} 203-207

Shuba V. V.

{Psychological and pedagogical conditions of organization of teaching and training process for Paralympians} 208-212

Shuba L. V.

{Outdoor games as means of primary school pupils’ motor qualities development} 212-216





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