Journal №7 2014


Ahmet Ali Aydin

{Methods of investigating the concept of love in the Russian and Turkish worldviews (based on I. A. Bunin and Y. K. Beyatli’s works)} 7-10

Alekseyeva T. B., Pisareva S. A.

{Managing educational innovations: opportunities of the cultural approach} 10-15

Balakirieva V. A.

{History of vocational training development and education of primary school pupils and forms of organization of this process} 15-19

Batrakova I. S.

{Features of adult education in the modern university: organizational and pedagogical aspect} 20-23

Bila О. O.

{Training future socionomists to provide safe conditions of socio-pedagogical activity at second-ary school} 24-27

Bilhorodska O. Ye.

{Formal composition in the system of art education of future architects} 27-31

Bokshorn V. V.

{The role of social-pedagogical perception in the professional preparation of future socionoms in pedagogical universities} 31-35

Vasenko O. V.

{Cloud technologies in the quality increasing of learning process management} 35-40

Vitruk O. A.

{Forming of professional mastery of a future technology teacher during professional training} 40-47

Galaktionova T. G., Zaytseva Ye. V.

{Reader competence as a factor of information connections in the teaching process managing system} 47-51

Heorhiiev V. M.

{Motivational component in the structure of professional competence of future highly mo-bile airborne troops officers} 51-56

Gladkaya I. V.

{Students information support in the system of managing educational activities in the framework of the pedagogical competition} 56-58

Glubokova Ye. N.

{Main university educational programs as a mechanism of knowledge managing} 59-62

Humeniuk T. B., Korets M. S.

{System approach as a component of educational innovatics} 63-67

Horshchenko Yu. A.

{The formation of future primary school teachers’ evaluative and aesthetic judgments in training process of higher school} 67-71

Hushchak Zh. M.

{The conceptual technology process model of the students’ safety studies competence formation} 71-76

Demir M. I.

{Reflection as a component of a future music teacher’s interpretive culture formation} 76-80

Ersozoglu I.

{Information analytics of education managers of school level} 80-84

Zaplatynskyi V. M.

{Analysis of schoolchildren and students’ preparation concerning safety, health and civil protection in ukraine and its changes in response to military threats} 84-90

Karpova S. N.

{Individualization of education in practice of future architects’ art training} 91-94

Kiniesheva A. Yu.

{Using information technologies in the formation of future primary education masters’ prognosis competence} 94-98

Kovalenko I. V.

{Implementation of the innovative proactive education in the preparation of technology teachers} 98-102

Kozlova A. G.

{Managing of master’s degree students’ training on the basis of enriching training} 103-106

Kuzmenko Yu. O.

{Peculiarities of preparing government employees for analytical activity} 107-111

Kurach M. S.

{Development of students’ creative abilities during art and design activities} 111-115

Litovchenko O. V.

{The development of school pupils’ regulatory universal educational actions and its management} 115-118

Moskaliov M. V.

{Studying the anxiety of young teachers entering an educational organization} 119-123

Nazarov O. A.

{Problematic issues of procedure for the certification of forensic experts-psychologists according to the current legislation of Ukraine} 123-127

Omelchenko L. M.

{Internal teaching motivation: essence and factors} 128-130

Omelchuk O. V.

Description of senior pupils` creative abilities development under professional art processing of materials training 131-136

Orshanskyi L. V., Tsisaruk V. Yu.

{Structural-functional model of future technology teachers’ professional training in the sphere of art wood processing} 136-140

Pak I. O.

{Forming aesthetic and artistic culture of schoolchildren by means of choreographic art} 141-144

Parfeniuk V. O.

{Self-improvement as a psycho-pedagogical problem} 144-146

Perepelytsia O. V.

{Art-creative exhibition as a result of a creative collective’s activity} 147-150

Petukhova T. A.

{Professional competence of future technology specialist in the system of pedagogical process management} 150-154

Poleshchuk L. V.

{Competence approach in the formation of professionally-significant qualities of education managers} 154-158

Polozenko O. V.

{Pedagogical conditions of forming psychological readiness of future agricultural sector specialists for professional activities} 158-163

Postoian T. H.

{Academic discipline "managing the implementation of innovations in education" as a means of future education institutions managers professional competence forming} 163-167

Reviakina O. H.

{Safety as a factor of educational environment influencing the formation of students’ per-sonal health} 167-171

Skoromna M. V.

{Analysis results of the problem of forming personality’s culture of feelings} 171-175

Yildiz Tekin

{The issues of national culture representation in the books of the Turkish language} 175-178

Chernenko N. M.

{Analysis and classification of possible risks in the field of education} 179-183

Zhang Lei

{Origin of pianists’ understanding cognitive initiative as training category in Ukrainian philosophy} 184-187

Shamatazhy S. V.

{Guidelines for evaluation and prediction in pedagogical activity} 187-190

Shekhavtsova S. O.

{The peculiarities of students’ stimulation for obtaining subjective experience during the pedagogical practice} 191-194

Yashchuk O. V.

{Structure of the professional culture of a medical specialist of a start-up qualification level} 195-199





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