Journal №4 2014


Balamutova N. M.

{Motivational priorities for therapeutic swimming for women engaged in fitness and health recreation activity} 7-10

Baranovska D. I.

{Methodical approaches to the application of simulators for the formation of technical-stereotyped actions when kicking the ball in football} 10-17

Bashavets N. A.

{Problems of training future coaches to professional activity} 17-21

Biesieda V. V.

{Motor status particuliarities of preschool children of category «almost healthy»} 22-27

Bosenko A. I., Samokish I. I.

{The evaluation of educational achievements in physical education in higher educational establishments with the help of indicators of bicycle exercise} 27-32

Bukhovets B. O.

{Application of modern techniques in correction of sensomotor development of children with organic lesions of the cerebral palsy} 32-39

Vindiuk P. A.

{Forming motivation of adolescents with cerebral palsy in the process of physical rehabilitation} 39-44

Hetta O. I., Bondarenko О. V.

{Physical health of middle aged women engaged in fitness} 44-49

Didenko M. V.

{Health survey of athletes} 49-53

Yermolaieva Ya. S.

{Interconnection of dancers’ motivational level and emotional stability as the criterion of efficiency of competitive activity in sport dancing} 53-56

Yefimenko P. B.

{Differentiated approach to teaching students under the conditions of multi-leveled training of physical culture specialists while studying discipline «massage»} 56-60

Zhalii R. V.

{Organizational and pedagogical characteristics of forming valeologiсal competence of students of technical universities} 60-64

Ivanov I. V., Ruban L. A., Burmakina M. O.

{Assessment of functional state level of the cardiovascular system of the 1-4 year female students with specialization in fitness} 64-68

Ignatenko S. O.

{The education of physical culture of schoolchildren} 68-71

Ignatenko S. O.

{Ways of improving the teaching of theory and methodology of physical education} 72-74

Kara S. I.

{Consciousness as a basis of reflexivity and an important indicator of future physical training teachers’ professional maturity} 75-78

Kachan O. A., Prystynskyi V. N.

{Using tablet PC at Physical Training lessons as a factor of student socializa-tion} 78-82

Kozak A. V., Tolkunova I. V.

{Development of perceptual skills of future physical training teachers} 82-85

Kozeruk Yu. V., Novopashen S. V.

{Organizationally-methodical and practical recommendations of extracurricular health activities} 85-88

Lenyshyn V. A., Sosina V. Yu.

{Questioning the top level coaches in the matter of improving the system of special physical training in group exercises of rhythmic-sportive gymnastics} 89-93

Lutovinov Yu. A., Oleshko V. G., Lysenko V. N., Tkachenko K. V., Martin V. D.

{Contents of training young weightlifters in the pre-season of a year macrocycle} 93-96

Liuhailo S. S.

{Practical justification of the physical rehabilitation concept of young sportsmen with somatic pathology} 97-101

Liudovik T. V.

{Modern approaches to professionally-applied physical training of technical college students} 101-105

Meleshkov V. A.

{Application of various techniques of medical massage for gout} 105-109

Mikhuta I. Yu.

{Algorithm of conjugate impacts method application during coordinating training at the initial stage of professional-applied physical training} 110-115

Noreyko S. B., Zenchenkov I. P., Fedoryshin R. P., Saveliev M. V.

{Physical rehabilitation for femoral frac-tures} 115-118

Okun D. O.

{Peculiarities of morphological indicators of high qualified oarsmen-slalomists} 119-122

Onishchuk L. N.

{Sport and recreational, children and youth tourism. Regional aspect} 122-126

Petrenko H. V.

{Application of computer technologies in health-oriented physical training of preschool children} 126-129

Pieshkova O. V.

{Remedial gymnastics in complex physical rehabilitation for hypotension in conditions of policlinic} 129-134

Podgorna V. V.

{Establishing directions and efficiency of correction pedagogical activity in comprehensive school according to the data of sanogenetic monitoring} 135-141

Sokohon O. A.

{Motivational and goal orientation of student youth to active physical training classes and sports} 141-145

Statiev S. I.

{General characteristics of main components of dance moves of deaf 6-10 years old children and criteria of their maturity} 145-148

Tokareva S. V.

{Directions and conditions of activization of correction and recreational activities at elementary school} 149-152

Tomashevskii M. I., Hryshun Yu. A., Fedoryshyn R. P., Yakushonok N. V.

{revisiting teaching methods of physical rehabilitation of patients} 153-155

Tretiak A. M.

{Quality assurance problems of higher education in Ukraine} 156-160

Tiutriumov A. I., Еvtukhova L. A., Koniakhin M. V., Bosenko A. I.

{Parameter estimation of students’ arch of the foot during the long-term training} 160-164

Chekhovska L. Ya., Hurtova T. V., Kavchak M. V.

{Problem discreteness in the system of physical training of obese students of special medical groups of higher educational institutions} 164-168

Shapoval Ye. Yu.

{Study of forming motor skills efficiency of 11-14 year old girls in modern mini-soccer} 169-173

Sheiko L. V.

{To the issue of lesson differentiation in groups of recreation swimming for people at the age of 50–60 years} 173-176





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