Journal №2 2014


Asieieva Yu. O.

{Maturity of subspecies of future criminal police specialists' professional attitudes} 5-9

Dudkina K. A.

Psychological mechanisms of animation influence on child’s emotional sphere} 10-15

Yegorchenko S. P.

{Social and psychological characteristics of wives of patients with alcohol dependence} 15-19

Zakrevskiy V. E.

{Humanization of professional’s work} 19-24

Kosianova O.Yu.

{To the issue of categorial apparatus specificity during the polygraph examination} 24-31

Lisovenko A. F.

{Self-confidence of persons with different propensity to envy} 32-37

Melenchuk N. I.

{Features of emotional intelligence of individuals prone and not prone to adventurism} 37-42

Ponomariuk L. P.

{Specificity of professional responsibility of junior medical specialists} 42-45

Sannikova O. P., Ulianova T. Yu.

{Ratio of conflictness and aggressiveness} 45-50

Tsilmak O. M.

{Pedantry as an integral psychological characteristic of investigator} 51-55

Azarov I. A.

{Competence approach to training future officers of Ukrainian armed forces} 55-59

Belgorods’ka O. E.

{Components of art-graphic skills of 6-7-year old children in the course of artwork} 59-64

Boichenko O. V.

{General characteristics of the training and preparedness of students of physics and mathematics faculties to use interactive teaching methods} 64-67

Buzdugan E. А.

{Continuity of preschool educational institutions and schools in the family education of pre-schoolers} 68-72

Holovska I. G., Talabishka I. R.

{Applying strategies of critical thinking at the English lessons} 72-77

Horoshkin I. O.

{Interdisciplinary integration as a pedagogical condition of forming linguistic identity of future translators} 78-82

Kudriavtseva E. A.

{Organization of individual students’ work in the process of preparing individual educa-tional and examinational task on educational discipline “the fundamentals of scientific researches”} 82-88

Malik M. V.

{Activity specificity of general educational institution of inclusive type} 88-93

Pavlova V. V.

{From the experience of managing scientific and research activity of future master students} 94-97

Pylipiuk T. V.

{Providing craetive self-realization of future teachers by means of CCA (cooperative creative activity)} 98-102

Sladkikh I. A.

{Developed emotional intelligence of foreign students as a condition of their readiness for study} 103-107

Shkiliova A. M.

{Formation of the technological competence of a future primary school teacher while teaching mathematics} 107-111

Yablons'ka T. M.

{Modeling as the main method of future teachers-philologists’ training quality raising re-cources learning in the system of university education} 111-116

Yakymchuk N. V.

{Selection and organization of learning material for forming future philologists’ english grammar competence by means of interactive teaching} 116-122





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