Journal №12 2014

SaE 2014-12


Симоненко С. Н., Грек Е. Н., Костюнина Е. В., Леженко И. В.

Child recreational psychology: achievements and perspectives

Щубелка Н. В.

Pedagogical system of Ukrainian child center “Moldavia Hvardiia”: modernization directions

Лебединський Е. Б.

Psychological peculiarities of adolescents’ creative potential development in terms of recreation

Моляко В. А.

Strategemic and foreimage vector of creative perception of the world under conditions of polymodal informational flows’ functioning

Власова О. І., Гуленко А. С.

Child’s subjective well-being as a benchmark of psychological support in the recreational establishments

Nitza Davidovitch, Moshe Einat

Eliminating instructor bias in grading: a comparison of manual and automatic grading

Лефтеров В. А.

The problem of personality’s mental health and modern informational influence

Марусинець М. М.

Reflection in forming teachers’ creative abilities

Милютина К. Л.

The use of play technologies in the process of correcting drug addicts’ life strategies

Панченко О. А., Панченко Л. В., Минакова Е. Н.

Experience in organizing psychological aid for children in rehabilitation center

Панченко О. А., Панченко Л. В., Садчикова Е. Г.

Mindset training as means of social workers’ mental health preservation

Яковенко С. І.

Principles of organization, tasks and methods of providing psychological aid to refugees on the basis of child sanitary institutions

Ануфриева О. С.

Psychosomatosis: borderline personality’s follow-up

Бастракова А. С.

The influence of self-determination forming factors on other components of adolescents’ personality potential

Булгакова В. О.

Adolescents’ legal culture development level and their psychosocial adaptation

Вольчева Г. А.

Modern socially-oriented education technologies and work forms in Ukrainian child center “Moloda Hvardiia”

Ганкевич О. В.

Influence of leisure on satisfaction of married life

Грек О. М., Овчаренко Н. В.

Diagnosis and development of verbal creativity of teenage holidaymakers

Глущенко І. І.

Assessment criteria of development level of lexical speech component of primary schoolchildren with developmental delay

Гордуз Н. О.

Technological approaches to post-graduate education

Дишель К. А.

Primary school children’s emotional sphere intervention and development by means of animated cartoons therapy

Дишель О. В.

Mastering martial arts as a way of adolescents’ recreation

Зіборова О. О.

Impact of psychosocial rehabilitation summer camps on style of maternal attitude and psycho-emotional state of mothers who have children with disabilities

Калюжна Ю. І., Яновська Т. А.

Specificity of self-attitude of adolescents deprived of parental care

Кіраль Агнета

Psychological determinants of good and delinquent behavior of adolescents

Коргун Л. Н.

Special features of the deaf children’s cognitive activity in the conditions of recreation

Крейдун Н. П., Поліванова О. Є., Невоєнна О. А.

Features of social rehabilitation of juvenile convicts in social isolation

Курліщук Н. М.

Issues of social education of children and youth in the theoretical heritage of S. F. Rusov

Куев Давіл Луїс Сократес

Criteria and levels of future music teachers’ reflective competence formedness

Назаренко Т. П.

Using the art therapy methods in the work with children during recreation

Павлин Д. А.

Development of spontaneity as a factor of the formation of adolescents’ social maturity

Палько Т. В.

Peculiarities of development of teachers’ reflexivity under conditions of postgraduate pedagogical education

Привалова Д. О., Массанов А. В.

Peculiarities of motivational sphere of teenage orphans

Рябчич Я. Є.

Socio-psychological factors of adolescents’ deviant behavior formation

Рогаль Н. І.

Comparative analysis of maternal and paternal attitude towards teenager

Розіна І. В., Григор’єва С. В.

Peculiarities of manifestation of communicative tolerance of adolescents from two- and single-parent families under conditions of recreation

Розіна І. В., Яковлева К. А.

Peculiarities of manifestation of communicative tolerance of adolescents from two- and single-parent families under conditions of recreation

Січка В. І.

Psychological peculiarities of worldview perception in adolescence

Тесленко В. В.

Pedagogical support of gifted students at modern comprehensive school

У Цзинь

Peculiarities of demonstrating fears of children from two-parent and single-parent families

Цибух Л. М.

Use of association methods in the work of child center’s practical psychologist (by the example of UCC “Moloda Hvardiia”)

Яворовська Л. М., Філоненко Г. С.

Factors of personality’s psychological well-being

Ямницький О. В.

Axiological constituents of professionally-value orientations of future practical psychologists

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