Journal №1 2014


Bogomaz S. L., Kovalevska T. N.

{Providing social and psychological adjustment of children who were born with the syndrome of intrauterine growth retardation} 5-13

Devlikamova O. O.

{Psychological peculiarities of religiosity motives of personality} 13-19

Yegorchenko S. P.

{Ludomania: history of formation and modern aspects} 20-23

Zakrevskiy V. E.

{Life planning as a socio-pedagogical phenomenon} 24-28

Zaporozhchenko N. V., Lisets’ka O. Ya., Lisets’kiy M. O.

{Kinesiological correction of consequences of negative emotions} 28-32

Kos’yanova O. Yu.

{Modern tendencies and perspectives of using polygraph technique in psychological researches} 32-40

Sadova M. A.

{Features of moral and legal responsibility of high school teachers} 40-44

Sannikova О. P.

{The continuum–hierarchical model of emotionality} 44-50

Sinel’nikova T. V.

{Psychological peculiarities of teenagers – active users of social networks} 50-55

Tokareva N. M.

{Theoretical analysis of personal constructs modeling in the paradigm of cognitive and social personology} 55-60

Khartsiy O. M.

{Creative component in manager’s activity} 60-63

Shamne A. V.

{Theoretical and methodological analysis of current postnonclassical trends in research of category and phenomenon of psychological development} 64-69

Bilets’ka G. A.

{General scientific knowledge in the structure of an environmental specialist’s professional competence} 70-75

Beseda N. A., Babich N. L.

{Role and place of health-saving technologies in the optimisation of fitness and health recreation activity of pupils in modern secondary school} 76-79

Boichenko O. V.

{Essence of the concept "training future teachers of physical and mathematical disciplines" at the present stage} 79-82

Varvarets’ka G. A.

{Results of pedagogical research of the formation of future specialists’ of sea and river transport professinal orientation} 83-86

Kalashnyk L. S.

{Social orphanage as an unrecognized problem of modern pedagogical science in China} 86-90

Kichuk N. V.

{Upbringing tolerant person in a multicultural environment} 91-94

Koycheva T. I.

{The role of pedagogical university in the development of modern society} 94-99

Nagorna N. V.

{Stimulation of future psychologist’s subjective position for his pedagogical competence formation} 100-103

Nesterenko V. V.

{Preparedness of extramural students for self-training activities} 103-107

Osipova T. Yu.

{The problem of development of a future teacher-mentor’s professional position} 107-111

Saharova V. V.

{The involvement of foreign students into multicultural environment setting up} 111-114

Stryrzakov A. O.

{A child in ethnopedagogical views of Natali Zaglada} 114-118

Todortseva Yu. V.

{Main strategies of social pedagogue’s work with talented children} 118-123

Sharoshkina T. A.

{Views of K. M. Venttsel on the integrity of the character education} 123-126

Zhitariuk I. V.

{Methodical features of teaching ”trigonometric functions” at senior school} 127-131

Korneshchuk V. V.

{Methods in professional education} 131-134

Romaniuk A. S.

{Analysis of English colloquial speech teaching methods in modern pedagogical theory and practice} 134-139

Ogorodniychuk I. A.

{Active teaching methods of law competence of future engineers} 139-144





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