Journal №7 2013


Sannikova О. P.

{Macrostructure of personality: psychological description} 7

Massanov A. V.

{Psychological barriers in activities of a personality} 13

Babchuk O. G.

{Results of the correlation analysis between quality indicators of tolerance and individual factors (by R. Cattell)} 17

Bondarevich S. M.

{The theory of optimizing the management of psycho-physiological parameters of human health} 21-25

Vovk А. О. {

Personal determinants of psychological insight} 25

Vykhodtsevs’ky M. D.

{About «Coloristic Universals» of base emotions} 29

Hovorun T. V.

{Economic culture in gender aspect} 34

Dyshel O.V.

{Using influence of informational and psychological factors for the formation of individual’s emotion of fear} 40-43

Zhuravlyova L. P., Kaminska O. V.

{Factors and mechanisms that cause online-game addiction} 44-48

Kremenchuts’ka M. K.

{Existential experiences of advanced age} 48

Malygina G. S.

{Individual’s responsibility as a general psychological problem} 52

Melikhova I. A., Arkhipova A. A., Grazhdiyan Yu. A.

{The influence of the locus of control on the motivation to succeed} 56

Onishchenko N. V.

{The vital and existential nature of the emergency} 60

Romanova M. K.

{Factors of development of adult personality’s ecological consciousness} 65

Sannikova О. P., Melenchuk N. I.

{Ratio indicators of predisposition to adventurism and assertiveness} 70

Svertilova N. V.

{Specifics of self-attitude of individuals with propensity to touchiness} 74-79

Senkevich V.G.

{Structurization of the phenomenon of HIV infection risk} 80

Sergeyeva T. V.

{Principles of eco-humanistic personality’s self-development} 86-91

Topalova I. P.

{Factor structure of cynic and non-cynic individuals: comparative analysis} 91-94

Fishchina A. A.

{Feature psychological insight of individuals with high and low levels of emotional intelligence} 94

Formaniuk Yu. V.

{Egocentrism as a manifestation of infantilism} 98

Cherkashyn A. I.

{Formation of police officers’ personality in Ukrainian higher educational establishments of MIA in the context of anthropological paradigm: theoretical aspects} 103

Chernozhuk Y. G.

{Creative personality: individual and typical characteristics} 106

Yakovleva M. V.

{Multicultural environment and a personality} 110

Aleksandrova O. G.

{Peciliarities of self-image of adolescents from single parent families} 115-120

Babatina S. I.

{Peculiarities of time perception and experience of students on the stage of adaptation and identification} 120

Buzhins’ka S. M.

[Особливості розвитку модально-специфічної пам’яті у молодших школярів] {Pecularities of primary schoolchildren`s modally specific memory development} 125-130

Vasilenko I. A.

{Aggressiveness and peculiarities of sociometric status of adolescents} 131

Hrynyk I. Y.

{Formation of political leader’s image among students} 134

Hrytsuk O. V.

{The problem of inrerrelation between cognitive processes and emotional states of students} 138

Danilova O. S.

{Social perception of an icon by youth (empirical research on the basis of gender approach)} 142

Degtiarenko T. V., Ziborova O. O.

{Psychological peculiarities of maternal attitude of women who bring up children with psycho-physical development disorders} 146-150

Kamens’ka N. L.

{The role of social intelligence in the process of junior schoolchildren’s adaptation to secondary school environment} 150

Kolomiets’ T. V.

{Empathic determination of emotional manifestations in interpersonal interaction in juvenility} 155

Koshlan’ I. G., Verbovets’ka N. M.

[Особливості життєстійкості у студентів-акцентуантів] {Peculiarities of hardiness of students with different types of accentuations} 160-164

Koshlan’ I. G., Pershina L. O.

{Psychological factors of communicative tolerance in adolescence} 164

Litvinchuk А. I.

{Relation of empathy and ecological self-consciousness at different stages of personality ontogenesis} 169-174

Mamatova Z. R., Egorova A. V.

{Clinical aspects of mental retardation} 174

Melnichuk Т. І.

{Socio-psychological support as a condition of socialization of an adopted child in a family} 178-182

Melnichuk I. V., Kravchenko N. M.

{Diagnostics and correction of depression in senior school age} 183

Orischenko O. A.

{Empathic preferences of men and women} 188

Pospelova I. D.

{To the issue of adaptation, psychological defense and co-ownership of children} 192-196

Revenko S. P.

{Modern approaches to studing indentity of personality at youth age} 196

Sytnik S. V.

{Individually-psychological preconditions of interpersonal interaction of students-psychologists} 199-204

Shtepa O. S.

{Peculiarities of psychological resoursefulness of 20-25 
years old people with deifferent identity status} 204-208

Shukalova O. S.

{Deductive research of authoritarian style of junior schoolchildren’s family education} 208

Andreyeva I. A.

{Psychological characteristics of coal industry workers’ personality} 213

Vodolazs’ka O. O.

{Psychological features of future psychologists’ communicative traits} 216

Galkina O. O.

{Socio-psychological differences in the perception of the modern worldview by ukrainian and EU student youth} 221-224

Golovs’ka I. G., Dalakova A. S.

{Origin of burnout syndrome at the early stages of personality’s professional becoming} 224

Golovs’ka I. G., Ushakova T. Y.

{Psychological conditions of pedagogical communiation development} 229

Degtyarenko T. V., Arabadzhy-Sapunkova S. S.

{Psychological peculiarities of psyhologists-beginners’ adaptation to the professional activity} 233-237

Zаvаlenko S. V.

{Regarding the role of personality traits in forming style of making administrative decisions} 238

Kuznetsova O. V.

{Personality’s adaptability as a professional reliability factor of representatives of extreme activity} 243

Kukhta S. A.

{The problem of work engagement and personality’s professional burnout} 247

Плохих В. В.

{Adjusting determination of age changes of subjective estimations and experiencing of time passing} 250

Podoliak N. M.

{Factor structure of assertive and non-assertive individuals} 255-258

Sannikova A. O.

{Experienced performers’ views on manifestations of stage barriers} 259

Sergeeva A. V.

{Transformation peculiarities of personality’s integral identity in the process of the training classes} 265-269

Simonenko S. N., Cheban O. M.

{Pectuliarities of individually-psychological determinants on personality’s creative activity} 270-277

Skliarenko O. M.

{Personal and professional traits of employees of state emergency service} 277-280

Stratsins’ka I. A.

{Psychological insight of individuals with different types of control localization} 280

Chaika O. I.

{To the issue of improving adaptive capacity of air traffic controllers} 284

Shayuk O. Y.

{Formation peculiarities of future economists’ cognitive tolerance component} 287

Shevchenko N. F.

{Determinants of personality sense of professional activity transformation} 290

Sаnnikov A. I.

{Personality aspects of making decision by a professional} 295




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