Journal №6 2013


Aleksandrov D. O.

{Empirical research of nervous and psychic sustainability in the structure of personality of the interior affairs officers} 5-9

Wang Zheng

{Dynamics of age-related changes of self-attitude in the junior juvenile age} 9-15

Degtyarenko T. V.

{Professionally important qualities of transport operators due to results of psycho-physiological expertise} 15-20

Yegorchenko S. P.

{Psychological and family features of mothers of drug addicts using cannabinoids} 21

Исаенко О. С.

Isayenko O. S.

{Social maturing: unconscious need for initiation ritual} 25

Kantarova N. V.

{Specific of forming of attitude toward health for teenagers with propensity to frequent SARS} 29

Maksimenko J. B., Tkachuk O. V.

{Phenomenology of laughter: theoretical and methodological analysis} 33-35

Melnik N. J.

{Investigating prognostic abilities of students} 36

Moskaluyk H. V.

{To the issue of ascertaining psychological features of foreign professional speech devel-opment of future politologists} 41-44

Snihur L. A.

{The role of teacher in perception of psychological steadiness of personality in adolescence} 44

Huang Ying

{Interrelation of personality traits of parents and the style of cooperation with the child} 48

Chebykin O. J., Bulhakova V. O.

{Psychological bases of juridical culture and conditions of its correction} 53

Chebykin O. Ya., Deghirmendzhi E. V.

{Psychological grounds of the emotive-communicative method of intensive teaching foreign languages} 62-69

Shevchenko R. P.

{Features of child-paternal relations in families of servicemen with psychosomatic disorders} 69-73

Bendyak K. I.

{Methodological component in the system of language training of foreign citizens in Ukraine in the second half of the twentieth century} 74

Varvaretska G. A.

{Pedagogical conditions of forming professional orientation of future specialists of sea and river transport in the process of mathematical training} 78

Gello T. A

{Creative self-realization of the student in educational and out-of-class activity} 82-85

Dzhurinsky P. B.

{Activity component in the structure of training future teachers of physical culture for health-saving and sports recreational activity} 85-90

Kyselyova O. I., Yankova O. V.

{Contents and tasks of higher education standardization} 90

Kudrya J. V.

{Professional image of modern supervisor} 95

Kurlyand Z. N.

{Integrative technologies of education in training of future teachers in the plane of ideas by K. D. Ushinsky} 102

Kurlat A. M., Marachkovskaya O. L.

{Structural components of upbringing behavioral flexibility of future teachers} 105

Molokov D. S., Hodyrev O. M.

{Creative heritage of K. D. Ushinsky during the soviet period of history} 108

Savluchynska L.G.

{Forming competence in natural history of primary school pupils at natural history lessons} 111

Skoromnaya M. V.

{Component structure of the feelings culture of future teacher} 114

Topor G. V., Bubela O. V.

{The meaning of international experience in organization of environmental education} 118

Turbovskoy J. S.

{K.D. Ushinsky’s dilemma} 122

Tkachuk A. A., Ushnurtseva N. N.

{Development of professional competence of future teachers by means of teaching practice} 129-133

Tryfonova O. S.

{Influence of developing speech environment on forming the speech personality of senior preschooler} 133-137

Babiy E. N.

{Enriching students’ vocabulary as an important stage of forming communicative competence of future teacher} 138

Bazelyuk N. L.

{Computer graphics as an effective method of future designers’ developing sketches and models of clothes} 141

Izmaylova O. A.

{Formation of German language discursive competence of students of linguistic specialities via authentic texts} 145

Koval V.

{Age peculiarities of physical education of senior schoolchildren in the process of forming healthy lifestyle} 149

Kuznetsova N. V.

{Experimental research teaching English dialogue speech to gifted pupils of high school} 154-158

Kurlat A. M., Nesterenko O. P.

{Ways of developing the model of educational process in the system of teachers’ advanced training: the modular-competence approach} 158-162

Matyukha G. V., Stupak M. V.

{Teaching reading technics in English} 162

Postoronko A. I.

{Formation of students’ professional skills and abilities in mastering major subjects} 166

Romanyuk A. S.

{The process of mastering English spoken speech due to its lexical features} 171

Savluchynska L. H., Fil I. V.

{Formation of cognitive interests of primary schoolchildren} 176




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