Journal №5 2013


Aseyeva Yu. A.

{Characteristics of professional settings components of the criminal police staff} 5-9

Betina H. O.

{Social situation as a condition of development of social competence of preschool children} 9-12

Moskalyuk H. V.

{To the issue of developing thinking culture of future politologists} 13-15

Pasko O. M.

{Readiness as a base of competence of future internal affairs staff} 15-20

Chernyavskaya T. P.

{Assessment of business organization managers} 20-24

Yazvynska E. S.

{Integrative body-oriented psychotechnologies as psychodiagnostic tools} 25-28

Vasylyeva L. I.

{Linguistic country studies aspect in teaching the official language in the transdnistrian university} 29-32

Kyselyova O. I.

{The issue of measuring knowledge in the system of pedagogical methodology}32-36

Korkh M. V.

{The role of subgect «drafting» in professional education} 37-39

Kulakova T. B.

{Integration of academic and extracurricular activities in professional education of students} 39-41

Ocheretna K. S.

{Implementation of eidetics in the system of educational and upbringing work with preschoolers} 41-44

Sidoruk O. J.

{Forming interactive competence of future foreign language teachers} 44-47

Stryha E. V.

{Roles of the higher school teacher} 48-50

Zagorodnova V. F.

{Course paper on methods of teaching the Ukrainian language as a means of forming research skills of future ukrainian language and literature teachers} 51-54

Kuzma-Kachur M. I.

{Analysis of the organizational and methodical system of training pedagogical department students for local lore study in primary schools} 54-58

Kucheruk O. А.

{Modern tendencies of improving contents and methods of Ukrainian language education} 58-62

Lytovchenko O. V.

{To the issue on developing motor activity of stammering children of senior preschool age} 62-65

Pilyova S. G.

{Health-improving direction in physical education of higher school female students} 66-69

Romanyuk A. S.

{The process of mastering English colloquial speech with respect to its lexical features} 70-73





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