Journal №4 2013


Brynza I. V., Bedan V. B.

{Correlation of indices of existential resources and experiencing loneliness in youth} 7-10

Huzenko V. A., Todortseva J. V.

{Psychological diagnostics for specialists in social work: the role, place, problems and specificity of teaching} 10-14

Dehirmengi E. V.

{The emotive-communicative method of intensive teaching foreign language to university students: approbation results} 14-18

Dukhnich O. E.

{Psychological peculiarities of preserving and retranslation of the Crimean Tatars` ethnic identity in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea} 18-24

Kramar E. S.

{Personal psychological peculiarities of a parent of a child with disorders of the autistic spectrum} 24-29

Chernyavskaya T. P.

{Personal characteristics of owners and non-owners of business: the gender aspect} 29-33

Yamnytsky A. V.

{The category “value” in psychological dimension} 34-37

Yatsyuk M. V.

{Psychological factors of readiness of future labor training teachers for personality oriented teaching of students} 38-40

Bohdanova I. M.

{Personal mobilization of future teachers as a condition of their readiness for successful professional activity} 41-45

Melikhova I. A., Fatnik O. P.

{The problem of motivational readiness of 6-year-old children for school} 45-49

Prikhodko T. P.

{Theoretical bases of investigating formation of economists’ readiness for professional activities in university} 49-52

Reheilo I. J.

{The use of multimedia presentations at the lessons of artistic disciplines} 53-56

Stryga E. V.

{The use of the case-study method in teaching English to students of non-linguistic specialties} 56-59

Babich N. L.

{Organization and contents of practical preparation of bachelors in the direction «human health»} 60-63

Bachynska N. V.

{History and general description of cheerleading} 63-67

Bashavets N. A.

{The theory and methodology of physical education of students in modern terms of society development} 67-70

Beseda V. V.

{Improving physical readiness of preschool children in terms of differentiated use of "massage gymnastics"} 70-74

Blavt O. Z.

{Methodological bases of testing coordination abilities in physical education of university students of special medical groups} 75-78

Boyko O. O.

{Construction of pedagogical integral technology of forming motive skills of future physical culture teachers at lessons with sporting games} 78-82

Bondarenko V. V., Kvak O. V.

{Factors of forming students’ healthy lifestyle} 83-85

Borova V.A., Dronova V. M., Vrublevsky E. P.

{A Pedagogical approach to forming optimal technical implementation of competition exercises} 85-90

Butska L. V.

{Peculiarities of changes in immunity indices and the cardiovascular system during long-term adaptation} 90-92

Vashchuk L. M.

{Senior pupils’ motivational and axiological orientations for physical culture} 92-94

Pereligina O. A., Galchansky V. N., Severynovska O. V., Kofan I. N.

{Assessment of physical readiness and state of cardio-vascular system of junior university students} 95-98

Ganchar A. І.

{Monitoring of achievements results by the strongest teams of swimmers-winners at the I-XI Olympic games from 1896 to 1936 (stage 1)} 98-102

Glushchenko M. N., Beseda V. V., Romanchuk A. P.

{Physical preparedness of children with lesion of CNS with the use of breathing exercises on the background of massage gymnastics} 102-105

Guziy O. V., Zharska N. V.

{Influence of physical rehabilitation on physical development and functional state of musculoskeletal system of 9-12-year-old children with Scheuermann's - Mau disease} 106-108

Hurtova T. V.

{The use of recreational aerobics classes in physical education of university female students suffering from obesity} 108-112

Degtyarenko T. V., Kovylina V. H.

{Integrated psycho-physiological examination of children with consequences of perinatal brain damage} 112-115

Dolinskiy B. T.

{Theoretical and methodical principles of future teachers’ training for health-saving activities with junior schoolchildren} 115-117

Zaporozhchenko N. V., Lisetskaya O. J., Lisetskiy M. O.

{Kinesiological correction of visceral manifestations of stress and hypodynamia among students} 118-120

Ignatenko S. O.

{Physical education of senior teenagers in the process of games activity} 121-123

Kiprych S. V., Donets O. V.

{Formation of the system of monitoring single combat athletes on the stage of immediate preparation for competitions} 123-125

Kolomiytseva O. E., Balamutova N. M.

{Research of the sphere of demands and motivations of law university students in the context of physical education} 126-128

Kondratyeva E. M.

{Body oriented respiratory polar - pendulum gymnastics "Kobe" as an adequate method of optimizing a resource psychophysical state of organism} 129-133

Korolenko K. V., Smirnova N. I., Тsiganok A. V.

{Innovative programs of fitness aerobics and their influence on physical development of ZNU students} 133-135

Koryahin V. M.

{The structure and contents of technical and physical training of basketball players} 136-138

Lapshyna H. H., Dmytriv R. L.

{Substantiation of the contents and methods of organizing independent work – a means of professionally oriented physical preparation of students} 138-140

Latyshev S. V., Latyshev N. V., Kudryavtsev P. A., Tupeyev J. V.

{Analysis of performances of Ukrainian national teams in Olympic fighting events in the period of Ukrainian independence} 140-143

Lisayevich E. P., Nazarenko I. A., Martinovich S. V.

{Analysis of estimating motivational aspect of PT classes of university students} 143-146

Lutovinov J. A., Oleshko V. G., Lisenko V. N., Tkachenko K. V.

{Comparison of indices of training work in pre-season yearly macrocycle of young qualified weightlifters} 147-148

Lutovinov J. A., Oleshko V. G., Lisenko V. N., Tkachenko K. V.

{Peculiarities of developing training program of young qualified weightlifters of different weight categories groups} 149-151

Mikhalyuk E. L., Malakhova S. N.

{Experience of holding preventive medical examination of students in Zaporozhye state medical university} 151-154

Mikhalyuk E. L., Malakhova S. N., Levchenko L. I.

{Dependence of heart rate variability, central hemodynamics and physical performance on qualification of football players} 155-158

Myatiga O. M., Tamozhanskaya A. V.

{Complex physical rehabilitation of middle-aged women suffering from pseudorheumatism of humeral joint at the free motor regime} 158-162

Olenitsya V. V., Frolova O. A.

{Peculiarities of psychological training of sportsmen – powerlifters} 162-165

Osipenko E. V., Starchenko V. N.

{The model of automated pedagogical control of physical state and the state of the sphere of demands, motives and values of physical culture of pupils of general secondary education establishments} 165-168

Petrenko G. V.

{Modern technologies in health-oriented physical education of senior preschoolers} 169-171

Petruhnov A. D.

{Physical rehabilitation of sportswomen suffering from chronic bronchitis in the period of reconvalescence} 172-176

Peshkova O. V.

{Dynamics of indices of function of respiratory and cardiovascular systems of children of middle school age ill with pneumonia in connection with prescribing physical rehabilitation means} 176-181

Pisaruk V. V., Romanchuk A. P., Voronyuk S. S.

{Sexual differences of physical development of qualified sportsmen (on the example of karate)} 182-184

Podgornaya V. V.

{Complex approach to school progress of children with impaired respiratory function due to the level of development of psychic functions} 184-187

Potapova O. V.

{Theoretical aspect of the issue of correcting children’s deviant behavior} 187-190

Pristinskiy V. N., Pristinskaya T. N., Osiptsov A. V.

{The phenomenon of health culture in axiological discourse of modern education} 190-192

Pseunok A. A.

{Health assessment due to the level of physical development and the state of cardiovascular system} 193-195

Romanchuk O. P.

{Vegetative criteria of physical work capacity} 196-199

Romanchuk A. A., Podgornaya V. V.

{Spontaneous breathing pattern and development of physical qualities of primary schoolchildren} 199-202

Sviridov V. M.

{Pedagogical control in preparation of young water polo player} 202-204

Semeniv B. S.

{Providing a long-term effect of improving working capacity of students of food technology specialties} 204-208

Smolyar I. I.

{The role of a healthy lifestyle in reducing academic stress level of university students} 208-211

Stadnik V. V.

{Determining sports preferences for extracurricular classes of students of the national university "Lviv polytechnic"} 211-214

Tyshchenko V. A.

{Motivation of self-realization in sports} 214-217

Tsvetkova E. A., Kadolich Zh. V., Evtuhova L. A., Arastovich Т. V.

{Application of modern research methods in educational process} 217-221

Chornaya T. V.

{Formation of schoolchildren’s health culture in the sphere of leisure} 222-224

Chustrak A. P., Levkov A. O.

{Physical preparedness of 5-6-year-old gymnasts} 225-227

Sheyko L. V.

{Improving psychophysical state of men aged 50-60 through management of health-improving distance via swimming breaststroke} 227-231

Shchurov V. А., Kuchin R. V.

{The rate of blood flow through the middle cerebral artery as an indicator of functional state of the body} 231-234

Yazvinskaya E. S.

{Potential of integrative body-oriented psychotechnologies in psychocorrectional work with professional sportsmen}





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